Risk aware investment strategies

Before we can identify the best investment strategy for you, we will work with you to identify the level of risk you feel comfortable taking and the potential losses you would be prepared to accept in return for potential gains.

Our simple yet advanced award winning planning tools will produce an assessment of how much risk you are prepared to take or order to meet your financial goals over the time period that is right for you.

Keeping your investment goals on track

It is human to buy an investment that is ‘doing well’ and not buy an investment that is ‘doing badly’ of course past performance is really no guide to future returns. This may lead you to want to buy at market peak when prices are high and sell during market lows at a loss.This emotional response can be highly detrimental to your investment portfolio. This is why we put in place a clear plan to ensure your investments stay within your risk profile and tolerance to loss, focusing on your long term goals.

Because our clients are not all the same, we provide bespoke financial solutions

You have accumulated some wealth. Protect it, Build on it.

Our focus is on ensuring that each client’s circumstances, requirements and attitude to risk are clearly defined before we make a recommendation. Simply investing in cash and fixed interest bonds may ensure that your capital remains more secure, but will do little to enhance your overall investment. Although less secure and recognising that fund can fall as well as rise in value, investing in collective investments is an obvious choice to access potential enhanced performance. However, with well over 3,000 funds to choose from the choice can be daunting.

We can help. When selecting funds for your portfolio diversification is key, so should the unforeseen happen, your overall portfolio can be better protected. In an age where investment managers and their funds change continually we have solutions that can offer stability; whether you are an individual, corporate, charity or trustee investor.

(These investments do not include the same security of capital which is afforded with a deposit account. The value of investment can go up or down and you may not get back the full amount invested).


The team we employ or your behalf

We use a robust, repeatable and proven investment process that makes use of a host of expertise from across the investment management profession. Simple though our process may appear, you can be sure that when we arrive at a recommended investment strategy for you a great deal of expert resource has been used to formulate that recommendation.

Your Specialist Team:

  • Fund Manager Research
  • Risk Profiling
  • Governance & Review
  • Asset Allocation
  • Implementation